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Oxford Region Christmas Lunch

The Oxford Region Christmas lunch was held at the impressive Shillingford Bridge Hotel on Thursday 7th December. After a

“Reasons for Hope” – Sir Richard Jolly’s UN Memoirs

Many of you will remember Sir Richard Jolly, one of our distinguished former Vice-Presidents, and surely one of our most

“Reasons for Hope” – Sir Richard Jolly’s UN Memoirs – Launch Update

Reasons for Hope! There are now two launch events planned for Sir Richard Jolly's memoirs. Click on either link below to

Annual Reunion 2023 London, 9-11 May

Our 2023 Annual Reunion will be held at Royal Over-Seas League (ROSL), 9-11 May. More than 65 members have already

Transformed by the UN – An Exhibition in Divonne

Those of you who know Geneva and/or live in the area might be interested by an exhibition sponsored by the town of

Regional Activities

Each of the ten BAFUNCS regions has its own page on the website (see the top menu: Regions), which in turn have posts,

Regional Responsibilities

The regions are responsible for local social and membership support activities, and by rotation undertake the

Regional Organization

The Association is divided into 10 regions, nine in the United Kingdom and one for overseas members. These regions are:

Cambridge Region (CAM) Visit to Flag Fen on 12 September 2019 – Report

This memorable day has left us reflecting on the past and the fragile future of the earth we inhabit. The story of Flag

Kofi Annan’s Life & Legacy to be celebrated, 3 June

The Life and Legacy of former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan is due to be celebrated at two inter-connected events in

AR 2020 – East Sussex, 15-17 May 2020

Our 2020 Annual Reunion which was to have been held at the East Sussex National Hotel in Little Horsted has been
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