Regional Organization

The Association is divided into 10 regions, nine in the United Kingdom and one for overseas members. These regions are: Cambridge; Kent and Sussex; London; Northern (covering Scotland, Northern England, Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man); Oxford; South Central (including The Channel Islands); South West, West Midlands and Wales; Surrey; and Overseas (for members not living in the UK).

On joining the Association, members are assigned to a region according to their address. Should they wish to be assigned to a different one, they may ask the Membership Secretary to transfer them. All members can participate in the activities of other regions if they wish. In fact, the Association encourages members to join in the activities of other regions as well as their own.

The regions may organize themselves as they wish, provided only that they elect a Regional Representative to report on their activities and to liaise with the Executive Committee, one of whose members acts as Regional Coordinator for this purpose. Regions receive an allocation from central funds to cover administrative expenses.

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