BAFUNCS Publications

BAFUNCS has a range of publications available to non-members, but some of them are restricted to members only for various reasons; links to these will not work unless you are a registered paid-up member. A list of all publications - both restricted and unrestricted - is given at the bottom of this page

Publications for BAFUNCS members

Members of the Association can access the Constitution as well as all of the Information Notes by clicking on the titles in the panel below. The Constitution and the fourth Information Note (INF4) are also available to those still working in the United Nations system who intend to retire to the United Kingdom and to join BAFUNCS either while still working or on retirement.

The BAFUNCS Newsletter is issued twice yearly, in March and September, and is circulated to all members. Members can obtain copies of the latest Newsletters from the Membership Secretary (email: or access them by clicking on the links in the panel below.

Publications available here to Non-members

Three publications related to the United Nations Career Records Project (UNCRP) are now available on-line:
Guide to the United Nations Career Records Project ; a Researcher's Guide to the UNCRP and the IDS Evidence Report

The BAFUNCS Benevolent Fund has issued a booklet Where to find information and advice in dealing with physical frailty, dementia and associated long-term health care (download here).


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