Aims of the Association

BAFUNCS was founded on 21 July 1977 as an association for all those who had worked for the United Nations System (the Secretariat, the Voluntary Funds and the Specialized Agencies) who live in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, who intend to live there, or who wish to maintain links with the United Kingdom.

The Constitution of the Association



See how the association is structured and organized.


National level

BAFUNCS manages a number of programmes in support of its members and to promote the work of the UN System.


Regional level

The Association's membership is spread throughout the United Kingdom and overseas. In order to ensure all members are kept up to date on any developments and to be better able to organise social activities, the membership is divided into ten geographical regions, including one which embraces all our overseas members. Each region is headed by a volunteer Representative and a committee of members who organise social events throughout the year and look out for any members who need particular support. In this way, each region becomes a family of Association members who enjoy meeting each other and keeping in touch, to fully enjoy the fruits of Association membership.

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