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Aims of the Association

BAFUNCS was founded on 21 July 1977 as an association for all those who had worked for the United Nations System (the Secretariat, the Voluntary Funds and the Specialized Agencies) who live in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, who intend to live there, or who wish to maintain links with the United Kingdom.

The Constitution of the Association

defines its purposes as being:

To encourage and help members to keep in touch with former colleagues through social, cultural and leisure activities

To ensure that members are kept aware of changes in pensions and health insurance matters

To help members and their families moving to the United Kingdom on their retirement

To extend welfare support and advice to its members and other former employees of the United Nations and its Organizations and Bodies and their spouses in need

To represent members' interests in their relations with the United Nations and its Organizations and Bodies and the United Kingdom Government Authorities

To support the Federation of Associations of Former International Civil Servants (FAFICS) and maintain liaison with such other bodies as are concerned with protecting and improving retirement conditions;

To co-operate with organizations engaged in mobilizing public support for the United Nations and its Organizations and Bodies and national organizations concerned with support for the elderly.



See how the association is structured and organized.

National level

BAFUNCS manages a number of programmes in support of its members and to promote the work of the UN System.

Regional level

The Association's membership is divided into ten geographical regions, including one which embraces all our overseas members. Each region organises its own activities.

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