Transformed by the UN – An Exhibition in Divonne

Those of you who know Geneva and/or live in the area might be interested by an exhibition sponsored by the town of Divonne-les-Bains, entitled 100 ans +1 de vie internationale – une région transformée.

The establishment of the League of Nations in Geneva in November 1920 marks the beginnings of what has now become widely known as Genève internationale which has had a tremendous impact on both Geneva and the surrounding area including the Pays de Gex and Haute-Savoie.

Our member John Burley, who was on the town council of Divonne for a number of years and Deputy Mayor for cross-border relations in 2019/2020, has organised the exhibition.

One year late because of the pandemic, it is now going to take place. Through the use of documents, photos, videos and interviews, it examines the evolution of economic, social and cultural relations between the Pays de Gex and Geneva over the last 100 years.

Information about the exhibition is in the attached flyer. Those interested can write to for more information.

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