UNCRP Researchers’ Guide – Supplement #1 2017-2018

The original Guide for Researchers was launched two years ago and was well received, perhaps the highlight being when a copy was presented to Kofi Annan at the Annual Reunion in Geneva, May 2018.  Now the first of planned two-yearly Supplements has been uploaded to the website, alongside the original. CLICK HERE to take a look

Compiled  by our own indefatigable Bill Jackson, the Supplement profiles additions to existing contributions of material, and new contributions which came to hand in 2017-2018.  Among the latter are papers from Edward Mortimer, inter alia on the Responsibility to Protect; former spokesperson Fred Eckhard’s interviews of the great and the good for his memoir on Annan’s time as SG; and useful reports and manuals from Allen Jones on many aspects of the World Food Programme’s assistance.  The late Lord Michael Williams’ papers from his testimony in June 2003 to the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia’s proceedings against Milosevic, and entertaining memoirs from Peter and Diana Simkin, Colin Everard and John Seaman are also included.

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