BAFUNCS Benevolent Fund (BBF)

The Benevolent Fund is administratively entirely separate from BAFUNCS, but it is under the control of Trustees drawn from and appointed by the Association. The BAFUNCS Benevolent Fund is registered with the United Kingdom Charity Commissioners (Registered Number 297524). The Fund seeks to provide relief to members of the Association and their dependants in cases of need, hardship or distress.  Similar support is available to any former employee of the United Nations or of its Specialised Agencies provided they are resident in the United Kingdom.

A number of documents regarding the fund are provided below:

Further information about the Fund can be obtained from the Clerk to the Trustees (, the BAFUNCS Regional Representatives or Regional Welfare Officers.

Information Booklet on physical frailty, dementia and long-term health care

This booklet, has been prepared by the Benevolent Fund.  The aim is to direct retirees and their families to organizations that offer information and advice in dealing with the problems related to Alzheimer’s disease and dementia generally. It is aimed at the difficult period where dementia is becoming increasingly serious and the interface between care in the home and care outside the home more important. It is not in any way intended to provide medical advice, financial advice or advocate a particular solution to any problem, but offers practical information useful to BAFUNCS retirees and/or their carers.

This information is intended primarily for UN pensioners with a degree of financial independence; it is not a guide on how to obtain financial or other public support for disability. We refer to the specialised services that are offered by various national agencies and organizations to those meeting their entitlement criteria. This may be best dealt with by a visit to your local social services. They should be able to advise if the person concerned qualifies for assistance and, if so, help in applying for benefits. The BAFUNCS Benevolent Fund (BBF) can provide some assistance by financing respite care to allow a family carer to have a much-needed break; to assist towards transport costs to and from nursing home/respite care home; as well as to assist towards the costs of mobility aids (for example, buggies and stair lifts) and of rising chairs, bed and bath lifts, walk-in baths or wet rooms, etc.

To enquire about this assistance please write/speak to the Clerk/Treasurer or one of the other BBF Trustees (individual contact details are in the annual Membership List, issued each September). Your Regional Representative also has copies of the BBF Guidelines and application forms for loans/grants.

Benevolent Fund Trustees


  • Mr Philip Daniel

Clerk to the Trustees

Ms Joanna Tempowski

Other Trustees

  • Dr John Doherty
  • Mr Cyril Groom
  • Mrs Terri Jezeph
  • Miss Penny Ratcliffe
  • Mr. K.C.Tan
  • Mr Geoff Ward
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