“The Political Cartoons of Derso and Kelen” Book Launch, 11 July

One of our members, David Macfadyen, fresh from co-authoring "Eric Drummond and his legacies" about the first Secretary-General of the League of Nations, has now co-authored another work, this time with Stefan Slater, one of political cartoons.  It will be launched on 11 July in Westminster Hall at 15.30, at an event organised by the Westminster Branch of UNA/UK.

Reserve your own copy of the book, signed by both Stefan Slater and David Macfadyen, for collection at the meeting at a discounted price. And take this rare opportunity to visit the unique collection of United Nations memorabilia held by Methodist Central Hall Westminster, host of the opening session of the UN General Assembly in January 1946.

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Join us for this unique opportunity to follow how political developments during the interwar period were interpreted by the leading cartoonists of the era. Derso and Kelen were the unrivalled cartoonists of their day, bringing humour, gentle satire, artistry and vision to capture the zeitgeist of an era that witnessed the creation of the League of Nations, the rise of fascism and, following another world war, the hope to be guaranteed by the new United Nations.

"Alois Derso (1888–1964) and Emery Kelen (1896–1978) were remarkable cartoonists who became internationally renowned, particularly for their depictions of efforts to build a better world following the establishment of the League of Nations, of the rise of fascism, and of the world cooperation through the United Nations that emerged in the 1940s. Their cartoons, imbued with humour, wit, gentle satire, artistry and vision, capture the zeitgeist of an era, contribute to our understanding of these turbulent years and still resonate today. The authors analyse the extraordinary political insights revealed in them and examine all aspects of Derso and Kelen’s careers and the often-overlooked role of cartoons as historical evidence.

"Surprisingly, no comprehensive account of their work and lives has been published until now.

"Stefan Slater and David Macfadyen have worked in libraries, archives and private collections on both sides of the Atlantic to bring together the fruits of their extraordinary collaboration. The result is a rare triumph, a beautifully assembled collection that sets each image in its political and cultural context by way of expert commentary based on an impressive command of the historical literature relevant to this period. This stunning collection will delight and inform scholars as well as the wider public.”

Peter Jackson, Professor of Global Security at the University of Glasgow

“This well-paced narrative contributes to our knowledge of the interwar years in a creative and refreshing way. The cartoons, and their cartoonists, occupy the centre-stage, while Derso and Kelen’s irony and their insights emerge vividly, and subtly capture the League of Nations, its Headquarters in Geneva and its policymakers’ victories and losses, opening new spaces for reflection."

Davide Rodogno, International History and Politics Professor, Head of the Interdisciplinary Program, Geneva Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies


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