United Nations Career Records Project (UNCRP) – Original

The UNCRP is a longstanding collaboration between BAFUNCS and the Bodleian Library of Oxford University. It began in 1989 and over the years has garnered numerous career histories and recollections as well as professional papers from a wide range of former United Nations System staff and UK officials involved with the United Nations. Not all of the contributors are British, although the majority are. The objective is to provide for future researchers as much insight into the careers, experiences and writings of former United Nations staff, as well as into the internal workings of the United Nations System, and thus to complement the United Nations’ archives of official documents.

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The contributions now number more than 500.   To make the Project better known and facilitate researchers’ access to this material, a Guide to the Project has been published in 2017, in the main as an e-book.  Simply clicking here will bring up the whole Guide: searching the Index of Keywords (pp. 135-140) for the topic of your interest will in turn bring up the related entry numbers where, under each entry, you can find a brief career summary and short description of the material the person has contributed to the Project.  You can read of ‘Mohicans’ like Walter Hoffmann and Bill Tanzer; of the malariologist Jim Cullen’s conscious exposure of his arms and thighs to hungry mosquitoes; Colin Everard’s novels on air safety, based on his time with ICAO; Dame Iris Murdoch’s work for UNRRA; autobiographies by George Bishop, Duncan Forbes, Kenneth Sargent and Martin Barber among others; Brigadier Michael Harbottle’s proposals for peace-making roles for the world’s armies; Molly Bruce’s work with Eleanor Roosevelt for women’s and human rights.

Request for Inputs

Important new contributions are already in the pipeline and further inputs are sought from all former UN staff and their spouses (whether members of BAFUNCS or not), with a view to strengthening this unique record of the contribution of British citizens and others to the UN.  The experiences of spouses, of administrative as well as specialist staff, headquarters as well as field, are all equally appreciated. Contributions may be in the form of completing the UNCRP Questionnaire; or a detailed curriculum vitae; and/or unpublished memoirs, papers, reports, manuscripts, letters or articles in any style, format or length.  Photographs are welcome.  Written inputs should if possible be submitted electronically, but hard copy material continues to be welcome.

Contributors may stipulate that their material be embargoed on the grounds of confidentiality for whatever period they wish. They and their descendants retain ownership and copyright of all material conserved.

Alternatively or in addition, oral interviews may be recorded by prior arrangement with the Project.

All those interested and able to contribute are invited to be in touch with the UNCRP Coordinator, Michael Askwith (career.records@bafuncs.org) who will send you, if necessary, a hard copy of the UNCRP questionnaire, together with Notes on completing it and Guidelines for contributions. The Notes and Guidelines, together with an interactive version of the Questionnaire, are also available here.

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