Members Welcome



Thank you for registering with our new website which will give you access to more information than can be made available to the general public; this will include documents available for you to download, or read on-screen.  It will also provide a more timely means of communication than is possible with our semi-annual newsletter - although this will continue to be available in hard copy for the foreseeable future. Over time we plan to add more content and hope that some of this will be generated by members themselves.

Please also take time to complete and periodically update your personal Profile.  This will ensure that we have up-to-date information on your contact coordinates and interests, and will enable us to alert you to any new posts on the website that may interest you. In particular, please be sure to check the box which indicates your agreement to our sharing your personal information with other members of the Association; this is necessary under the new legislation on General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).  In practice this amounts to enabling us to continue our longstanding practice of providing all members with a Members' Address List as well as including membership news in our newsletters; however, we need you to tick this box.

Please take the time to explore the Members-Only Area, and let us have your suggestions on how it could be improved:  And please be sure to tell other members about the new Members-Only Area and encourage them to sign-up.  Its value will depend on maximising everyone's participation.

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