Pay by Direct Debit

BAFUNCS members can now pay for their annual membership subscription by setting up a Direct Debit online with GoCardless and this is the Association's preferred method for subscription payments. If you would like to pay your membership subscription in this way, please click the button below and enter your details; we will do the rest. You will be advised of each annual payment in advance and can cancel the direct debit at any time.

GoCardless Direct Debit Form

For existing members: You can check your current payment arrangements, including the timing, in your Website Profile. If you opt for this Direct Debit method, please remember to cancel any existing standing order.

For the attention of Overseas (OVS) members: If your UK bank account is not registered at a UK address (for example, because you live outside the UK), or if you do not have a UK bank account at all, please send a message to for further instructions.

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