Margaret Anstee Centre Launch event in Cambridge 22 May

We have received the following invitation from Cambridge University. Those interested should contact Georgia Cole directly:

I am writing on behalf of the soon to be launched Margaret Anstee Centre at the University of Cambridge. As you may know, Dame Margaret Anstee - a member of your organisation - donated a generous sum to Newnham College to found a research centre for female researchers looking into issues of economic and social development. Dr. Daniela Sanchez-Lopez and I are the first two research fellows to benefit from her endowment. On the 22nd May of this year the Vice-Chancellor of the University will be officially launching the Centre, along with members of Dame Margaret's family. We would love to extend the invitation to members of your organisation who knew Dame Margaret, however, in case they too would like to attend the event at the Principal's Lodge at Newnham. If you could please advise me on how best to reach relevant members of your organisation - or whether a general invitation to all members of BAFUNCS would be more appropriate - I would be extremely appreciative.

With many thanks in advance,

Georgia Cole (

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