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A One-Day Conference on the Legacy of the Independent Commission on International Humanitarian Issues (ICIHI) will take place at Chatham House, London, on Tuesday 14 November 2017.

Please save this date in your calendars. Thirty years after the ICIHI published its influential final report, Winning the Human Race, and one year after the death of ICIHI’s inspirational Secretary-General, Zia Rizvi, this one-day conference is being convened  to review the legacy of the Commission and assess the relevance of its conclusions and recommendations for today’s world.

One of ICIHI’s co-Chairmen, HRH Prince El Hassan bin Talal, has graciously agreed to serve as Honorary Patron of the Conference, and Lord Owen, one of ICIHI’s Commissioners, will preside. Lord Malloch-Brown is Chair of the Conference Organising Committee and will deliver a keynote speech in the opening session.

Three substantive plenary sessions will bring together keynote speakers and expert panellists to review ICIHI’s principal themes, Law in Conflict, Refugees and mass displacement, and Food Security. In the closing session, Lord Owen and Lord Malloch-Brown will take part in a conversation with other keynote speakers to pull together conclusions from the event.

Please pass this message on to others who you think may be interested in attending.

If you wish to attend the conference in person or to receive a link for the live-stream please reply to Dylan Crisp (email: The organizers would be grateful if you could respond by Sunday 24 September so that they can reserve your place before registration is opened up more widely.

Further information on the conference and the ICIHI can be found via

The first stage of the 2017 Certificate of Entitlement (CE) Exercise hasbeen completed . During the first days of June 2017 all CEs were dispatched to retirees and beneficiaries worldwide to their official mailing addresses on file with the Fund, provided their benefit was in Certificate of Entitlement (CE).

Pension/Annual Statements have been put into all Participants Member Self-Service Folders. Please register (see the instructions below)  or go to Member Self-Service to see and print your statement. If you do not see your Annual Pension Statement there, please contact the Fund and under How can we Assist you? Click on Pension Statement (Annual Statement). payment during the six months prior to 01 May 2017.


The Permanent Under-Secretary at the FCO, Sir Simon McDonald, addressing the group

On Wednesday 12 July the Foreign Office dedicated a meeting room in memory of Dame Margaret Anstee.  The event was hosted by the Permanent Under-Secretary, Sir Simon McDonald, and attended by Dame Margaret’s relatives and a number of Foreign Office officials. Edward Mortimer and Michael Davies attended on behalf of BAFUNCS.

The room is a large meeting room for around 40 participants located on the first floor of the Foreign Office with high frieze-lined ceilings. The most notable features, however, are six large John Piper paintings. Although they have a Spanish feel to then (which is very appropriate for Dame Margaret was a Spanish linguist and her last book was about her Spanish tutor at Cambridge) they are in fact, paintings of Brighton, Bath and Cheltenham which were originally commissioned for the British embassy in Rio de Janeiro.

Natalie Samarasinghe, UNA Executive Director, spoke a few words of appreciation about Dame Margaret and her UN career. In particular she recalled Dame Margaret’s message to the FCO Women’s Association in 2016 in which she reminisced on the difficulties of being one of the few women recruits in 1948 and regretting that the objective of full parity with men had still not been achieved, particularly in senior levels. In the letter she also recalled that: “I was the last person in the Office to see my boss, Donald Maclean on the Friday evening in May 1951 when he fled to Russia with Guy Burgess, an event which rocked the service to its foundations.  I have never been questioned about our last conversation. Only the Americans later tried to stop the United Nations from sending me to Latin America because I had worked with him.

         Some of Dame Margaret's relatives and Foreign Office Officials,
together with representatives of BAFUNCS

In addition, Ziaul Islam attended, on behalf of BAFUNCS and the United Nations Association of the UK, a ceremony, which took place on Sunday, 11 July 2017 in the Village Hall in Writtle, birthplace of Dame Margaret, where a plaque in her memory was unveiled. He and Lord Petrie, Lord of the Manor of Essex, jointly unveiled the plaque in the presence of members of Margaret's family, local press and other dignitaries. Ziaul also delivered a message from Edward Mortimer, former President of BAFUNCS, who was unable to attend the ceremony.







Updated 18 August 2017