18th London International Model United Nations
The UN General Assembly Urges the $54 Billion Pension Fund to Shape Up
Launch of the UNJSPF Member Self-Service (MSS) portal
Launch of an IDS Evidence Report marking the 70th anniversary of the United Nations






















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The Opening Ceremony of the 18th London International Model United Nations will take place from 13:30 to 15:00 on Friday 24 February 2017, at Central Hall Westminster. Held in this majestic conference centre where the UN General Assembly first convened in 1946, the occasion will serve to reflect upon and celebrate international cooperation. The keynote speakers at the opening ceremony will be: Mogens Lykketoft, Danish statesman and formerly President of the 70th UN General Assembly; Danilo Türk, former President of Slovenia, UN Assistant Secretary-General for Political Affairs and a leading former candidate for Secretary-General; and Kelly Clements, United States diplomat and UN Deputy High Commissioner for Refugees. For further information about the London International Model United Nations, please visit; for more information on the speakers please visit; and for the registration form for the Opening Ceremony, please click here.

The United Nations General Assembly sharply rebuked the United Nations Pension Fund, which it oversees, reaffirming control of the $54 billion account by the UN Secretariat and calling on the fund to improve its problematic performance and service to its 72,000 beneficiaries. See the report by PassBlue here.

The UNJSPF Member Self-Service (MSS) portal was launched at the end of August 2016. This new tool provides UNJSPF members access to their pension account information: retirees/beneficiaries will be able to see when their Certificate of Entitlement (CE) has been received by the Fund, see the historical record of the disbursements made by the Fund (with information about one-time cash payments and/or periodic payments made by beneficiaries), and download and print customized E-forms if they wish to update their pension fund account information.

A new Unique Identification Number (UID) has been generated for all individuals in the Fund's database, including active participants, retirees and other beneficiaries, inlcuding dependants. The UID will replace the two IDs previously in use. Once this UID has been received, beneficiaries can register for the MSS and thereafter access their account by logging in using the user name and password created during registration.

Once you have received your UID, go to and follow the instructions to register (several self-help videos are available).

This report is the outcome of a year-long project by the IDS, BAFUNCS, the UNA-UK, the Weston (Bodleian) Library, and King's College, London as one of the activities of the UN Career Records Project (UNCRP) to mark the UN's 70th anniversary. It highlights conclusions and recommendations from three "UN at 70 Witness Seminars" held at the IDS (May 2015), Weston (Bodleian Library) (October 2015), and Church House, Westminster (January 2016).

The Evidence Report is available online here. It is hoped that it will contribute to reminding readers of the many roles UK citizens have played and still play in the UN - and perhaps encourage persons at earlier stages of their careers to consider ways their skills and commitments can contribute to the UN. In addition, it is hoped that the policy implicatIons from the Witness Seminars will be of use both to the UK government and the UN system.

(A review of the report will be included in the March 2017 BAFUNCS Newsletter.)

The full records of the Witness Seminars as well as the collection of reports, records and papers accumulated during the programme will be added to the archive records of the UN in the Bodleian Library in Oxford as part of the UNCRP, and will thus be available for both historical and further research purposes.



Updated 11 February 2017