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Useful Links 

United Nations Joint Staff Pension Fund (UNJSPF)

The UNJSPF website ( provides you with all of the information you need to effectively manage your pension benefit, whether you are a retiree, beneficiary or active member.  You can find the latest version of administrative forms, the Fund's Rules and Regulations, informative booklets and summaries of provisions, the list of Board Members, the Fund's annual letter and annual report, updates on the yearly CE Exercise, etc.  You can view your annual statement and complete benefit estimates on your own.  You can see up to date cost-of-living and exchange rates.  We encourage you to use the website as your first resource for your pension related questions.

 Click here for more information on what is available on the UNJSPF website.

Federation of Associations of Former International Civil Servants (FAFICS)

BAFUNCS became a member of the Federation of Associations of Former International Civil Servants (FAFICS) in June 1981. It is one of fifty-nine similar associations throughout the world. FAFICS (with its head office in Geneva) has consultative status, as a non-governmental organization, with the United Nations. The FAFICS Council meets at least once a year, usually in the place and at the time when the UN Joint Staff Pension Board, on which it has two non-voting seats, is meeting. Whenever possible, BAFUNCS is represented at Council meetings.

The largest member associations of FAFICS are in Geneva and New York and many BAFUNCS members who served at these duty stations are members of these as well. Being situated near the headquarters of the United Nations, these associations are well placed to follow closely all matters of relevance to former staff members, particularly the Pension Fund. BAFUNCS relies to a great extent on FAFICS where policy action concerning pensions is needed and through its membership of FAFICS it is part of the network that the United Nations organizations use to brief their retirees. The Chairman of the Executive Committee is the focal point for liaison with FAFICS

For a further description of the activities of FAFICS, please see


United Nations

The website of the United Nations,, provides a complete overview of the work of the United Nations.  This website has hyperlinks to the websites of all other organizations of the United Nations system.



United Nations Association

The UN Association of the UK (UNA-UK) is the UK’s leading independent policy authority on the UN and a grassroots membership organization with a network of supporters across the UK. Through education and advocacy, it seeks to promote a strong, credible and effective United Nations. UNA-UK members receive the Association’s magazine, New World, and have opportunities to participate in local and national campaigns and events.

BAFUNCS maintains close relations with UNA-UK. At present about 25% of BAFUNCS members are also members of UNA-UK. UNA-UK would like to significantly increase that percentage, and is also keen to tap into the expertise of BAFUNCS members, particularly those who have recently left UN employment and would be willing to speak to a local UNA branch, or to provide advice or mentoring to a young person who aspires to a career with a UN agency or programme.

A collaborative programme between UNA-UK and BAFUNCS on talking to University students about UN careers started in the last half of 2015 with the development of a model programme involving the London School of Economics (LSE) Student Union UN Society.

This experimental programme, which has just completed its second successful year aims to bring the life-long experience of BAFUNCS members to young people interested in careers in the UN and in the international development field in general.

It has involved a variety of activities including informal lunch time discussions with small groups of students, more formal evening panels, and structured workshops where BAFUNCS members set a development problem for teams of students and help to judge the winners. Over the 2 year period, ten BAFUNCS members from the London, Surrey, Kent/Sussex, and Overseas Regions have participated with very positive feedback from all concerned.

With the programme at LSE about to enter its third year, there is a need for more volunteers from BAFUNCS members within reach of central London.  Interest has already been expressed by Reading University in replicating the model there, and three members of the Oxford Region of BAFUNCS have offered their assistance if this goes ahead. 

We are looking to repeat this successful experiment in Universities in other regions and are looking for volunteers from the BAFUNCS membership to make this possible.  The emphasis is very much on talking about your own careers and experience and what it is like to work for the UN either in the field or at HQ…and does not require a knowledge of up-to-date UN topics and events.

If you are interested in sharing your experiences with the next generation, then please get in touch with Marilyn Carr at

Members of BAFUNCS who are interested in joining UNA-UK, or finding out more about other ways to support its work, should contact UNA-UK’s Membership Officer, Richard Nelmes Click here for email or tel: 020 7766 3456. For more information visit


Age UK 

Age UK combines Age Concern and Help the Aged, and is one of the most powerful and influential organizations in the United Kingdom.  The Age UK family includes Age Scotland, Age Cymru and Age NI.  Age UK works to improve the lives of people in later life.  It celebrates ageing and believes it presents unprecedented opportunities and challenges at home and abroad.  It challenges ageist prejudice in society. 


The association of BAFUNCS with Age Concern began in 1982, the year of the World Assembly on Ageing convened by the United Nations in Vienna.  Dr Ziaul Islam has represented BAFUNCS at meetings of Age Concern, Help the Aged and other associated bodies, such as Retirement Fora, National Council on Ageing, etc. since June 2006.

Services offered by Age UK which may be of interest to BAFUNCS members include:  Travel insurance, Motor insurance, Will writing services, Pension benefit advice, Council tax benefit, Care services for elderly people, information on elederly care homes, and on gas and electricity suppliers.  

There will be a new website address in May, but in the meantime comprehensive information is available at
where there is also a link to news about the new website. 


Inland Revenue

The UK Inland Revenue web site,, contains material of use to those intending to return to the UK and those filing tax returns. It contains copies of all forms needed to complete a tax return as well as explanatory texts to assist in completing for each part of a tax return and information for those intending to return to the UK.

Some documents that may be of interest and help to retired UN staff members are listed here. (Click on the title line to open a link to the relevant document.)