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Full membership of the Association is open to any past or present staff members of the organisations or agencies of the United Nations system and their spouses.  Widows and widowers of staff members can belong in their own right.

Associate membership is open to all persons who support the objectives of the Association.  They may participate fully in its activities, but they do not have the right to vote or hold office.

Members of the Association do not need to have British citizenship or even to reside in the United Kingdom.  All nationalities are eligible and welcome;  however, members based in the United Kingdom are subject to its laws.

Serving staff members of United Nations organizations are encouraged to join the Association.  Membership can be of particular value to them and to the Association in their last few years of service, especially if they intend to retire to the United Kingdom.

To join, prospective members should complete a Membership Application Form, available from the Membership Secretary, or by clicking here.  Since BAFUNCS welcomes active participation by its members, attention is drawn to the second page of the Membership Application Form, which invites prospective members to indicate experience or skills that they feel might be useful to the Association.  Signature of the Application Form is taken to confirm support for the aims of the Association and agreement to abide by its Constitution.

New members receive the latest Membership List, the Constitution, the most recent issue of the BAFUNCS Newsletter, the Guide to the BAFUNCS Benevolent Fund, and the seven information documents produced by the Association .  New members are also provided with a list of regional officers, which includes the name of their Regional Representative.

While a cheque is acceptable in payment of the annual subscription, completion of a Banker’s Standing Order (at the foot of the Application form) is preferred.  Payment by Standing Order greatly reduces the work of the Subscriptions Secretary and assists the Association in the preparation of its annual budget.  Once the completed form is received, the bank will do the rest and there is no need for reminders for subscriptions every year.  Payment by Standing Order can be cancelled (or changed) at any time by a written request to the bank.

The Association is financed entirely by subscriptions.  The annual standard subscription is £14 for an individual member and £21 for a couple.  These are the minimum subscription rates.  New members are encouraged to be as generous as possible, bearing in mind that if they can pay more it helps to keep the basic subscription as low as possible.  This in turn helps the Association’s less well-placed members.  Past generosity has meant that the subscriptions were kept unchanged from 1979 until 2004.

There are provisions for paying for life membership by a lump sum.  This is open to members over the age of 60.  Life membership is currently based on a multiple of 15 years of the relevant annual membership, and thus costs £210 for an individual member, or £315 for a couple.

Updated: 29 January 2017